Service Descriptions

IT Services Descriptions

Online Support: Using LogMeInRescue software, our IT expert is able to remote right into your computer to trouble-shoot a multitude of different issues you might be facing!
(Internet connection required.)

Business and Home Experts: Our IT expert will help with any of your computer needs, whether you are a residential client, or even a small business!
(Remote support appointments and on-site appointment options available.)
Upgrades – Video, Power Supplies, Memory, Software: Keeping equipment up to date with today’s rapidly growing computer industry can be challenging, but our IT expert will gladly help you upgrade any necessary computer equipment for your home or office computer to run the most efficiently.

Malware Removal: Is your computer acting out of the ordinary? Did it randomly disconnect you from a program you normally would be able to access? Perhaps it is running much slower than normal? Malware and viruses in general should not be dealt with lightly. With rising threats of identity theft and stolen credit information, it is wise to have a specialist look at your computer if you suspect you have any of these issues. Our IT expert will help clear these harmful programs for a flat rate of $99 to residential clients.

Business Networking – Setup and Custom Installations: A business network is essential for companies these days. Our IT expert will help your business by creating a new network or modify the business’s existing network just for you.
Workstation Installations: Need a new workstation, we can help you find a new PC that will suit your needs or if you have already found one and just need your data and applications moved we can help.
New Equipment Installations: Our IT expert will help you install your new computer equipment.
Printer Setup: Having trouble setting up a new printer on your network or computer, give us a call.
Configure Wireless Networks: Managing your wireless networks can be difficult, Our IT expert will help you configure your wireless networks and trouble-shoot any issues that you may be experiencing with your current wireless setup.

Quickbooks Installation Experts: Quickbooks software is a must for anyone who’s in accounting, out IT expert will assist you with its installation process.

• PC repair and Laptop repair: Our technician can handle all of your repair needs, hardware or software.